What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling is an established way to install conduit with minimal disruption to pre-existing assets. As a result of lessening the destruction, compliance with local councils and residents has become easily achievable. Horizontal Directional Drilling has become the environmentally preferred method of installation as it has less disturbance on surrounding flora and fauna due to the minimisation of mechanical excavation and damage around tree rooting systems.

The Process of HDD

1. Pilot Bore

This process will commence with the pilot bore, where starting at the entry hole, the drill head will drill along a predetermined route with continuous monitoring of depth and alignment. Drill heads will be selected based on ground conditions.

2. Reaming Process

Followed by the reaming process, where the pilot bore is enlarged following suitable steps by back reaming the hole with cutters specifically designed for the ground conditions to a size that accommodates the product pipe

3. Pull Back

The third stage of the drill shot places the casing pipe in the newly enlarged hole where once the drilling string is connected to the pipe via a swivel, pull back commences, allowing the pipe to be pulled into the newly reamed path.


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